martes, agosto 23, 2005


There is people with wonderful ideas. Paulo had this one: Postcrossing.
This is my postcard and it goes to Germany (Yes, it's weird, isn't it? My first postcard and it goes to my second land, Germany!!)

domingo, agosto 21, 2005


Ultimately I've taken a look at my blank blog and it was frightening. It was just like looking at a blank page!!
For the last few months I happen to feel blocked. I just don't like nothing of what I do. So I started reading Julia Cameron's "The Artist Way" and doing its exercises. Has anybody ever read and practiced this book? The thing is that after two weeks of doing it I feel like a sponge cake in my oven: I slowly raise up worring that a draft makes me go flat.

lunes, agosto 15, 2005


I'm back!! This is my first entry in this my new blog.I hope I see you around!!!