martes, junio 27, 2006


This week Illustration Friday theme is Rain.

domingo, junio 25, 2006


two weeks with boxes
A few weeks ago, during one of those not so optimistic afternoons, I was wondering what I could do with my life if were not an illustrator. After putting so much time and effort spent in order to make a living out of this, would I be able to change professions? I think that all of us who have lonely jobs, and spend our days working at home have a tendency to these kinds of moods. I think that wondering about this kind of things is risky, because probably life, destiny, the heavens, or whatever may be gives us a chance, if we accept it, to answer to this question. For 13 days I have been working doing something completely different to what I usually do, outside, surrounded by people. It's been an enormous change for me!! Maybe it is similar to my job since something is built from scratch, a small world, in this case, that people visit unaware of the effort, energy, and collaboration that are necessary to create it (like making a book!!). It has been a great experience. The most important thing is all the people I met, who made an adventure out of those thirteen days. From here I wish the best for them and that we will see each other again!

miércoles, junio 07, 2006


Art and love in the streets. A show from Robert Indiana.
This days are being so hot....38 ºC !! It's so difficult to stay at home!
If you want to participate in Morphe II, please go here.
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